The Nights Final Stand
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The Nights Final Stand

Night Clan and Luna Clan must fight to survive against their enemies, Rogue Pack and Sun Pack. Whose side will you take?
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 MEANWHILE in the Medicine Cat's den...

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MEANWHILE in the Medicine Cat's den... Empty
PostSubject: MEANWHILE in the Medicine Cat's den...   MEANWHILE in the Medicine Cat's den... EmptyThu Jul 25, 2013 12:37 am

Bluefire was going about his usual ways - sorting herbs and cat-watching. He loved to sit and peer at his clanmates from his den, watching their antics. The kits especially. He yawned softly, glancing at the sun. It was hardly time for the dusk patrol to go out, and he was already tired. Just as well, he had a habit of watching the kits and worrying for their safety as they "played warrior" with their tiny, sharp claws and teeth. Kit injuries were the worst - they were always small and hard to heal. Not to mention the fact that kits don't exactly hold still when being examined.
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MEANWHILE in the Medicine Cat's den...
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