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The Nights Final Stand

Night Clan and Luna Clan must fight to survive against their enemies, Rogue Pack and Sun Pack. Whose side will you take?
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 Guys i love you

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Guys i love you Empty
PostSubject: Guys i love you   Guys i love you EmptyThu Jan 02, 2014 9:42 pm

[01:32:07 08/09/13] @ Willow : Hey Chatbox...
[01:33:31 08/09/13] @ Willow : I miss having people here... Staying up until I got tired and knowing they must be more tired but I left first... The fights, whether for real or fun, I miss those too... The days when I'd get off and I was horrified, or angry, or so happy my face hurt from smiling and laughing too much...
[01:33:36 08/09/13] @ Willow : I miss it all...
[01:33:49 08/09/13] @ Willow : I miss my labs and concoctions, my ever present wand...
[01:34:11 08/09/13] @ Willow : That stupid safe where I stored that enchanted flower from sun and my most dangerous concoction of all...
[01:35:21 08/09/13] @ Willow : I miss Darky,,, Oh how I miss Darky... I think I miss him most of all. He never was real but I loved him so much... I loved him so so much... I miss having him... He was the closest I ever got to having a boyfriend... and... I miss him. I miss writing about him...
[01:35:46 08/09/13] @ Willow : Now... Now I can't even lie to myself about him being real... Writing about him hurts. I hurt
[01:36:03 08/09/13] @ Willow : There are those days where'd I'd give anything to escape... to die
[01:36:51 08/09/13] @ Willow : And yet I can't... I can't die because I don't have the stinking guts. I can't kill myself so I live in this hollow life, letting emotion go in and out of me but never sticking around....
[01:37:03 08/09/13] @ Willow : Thanks for listening chatbox.
[01:37:05 08/09/13] @ Willow : Byee...
[19:37:22 13/09/13] @ Willow : Hey Chatbox
[19:37:43 13/09/13] @ Willow : Some kids in my class are worried about me...
[19:37:54 13/09/13] @ Willow : So they told my mom... and now she's worried about me...
[19:38:06 13/09/13] @ Willow : And I don't know what to say to her or how to react...
[19:38:17 13/09/13] @ Willow : But it makes me feel sick every time I think of it...
[19:38:19 13/09/13] @ Willow : Bye
[12:12:32 01/12/13] @ Opal : As seen in the archs... hey Chatbox
[12:12:39 01/12/13] @ Opal : I really do miss it here
[12:12:55 01/12/13] @ Opal : All those times when I was young and stupid
[12:13:01 01/12/13] @ Opal : The fights made me stronger
[12:13:15 01/12/13] @ Opal : But also taught me you can't win by screaming swear words
[12:13:20 01/12/13] @ Opal : or hacking into the site
[12:13:51 01/12/13] @ Opal : And all the times I've cried because I felt sad or rejected
[12:13:58 01/12/13] @ Opal : I'll never forget NFS
[12:14:00 01/12/13] @ Opal : Ever
[20:34:49 12/12/13] @ Sonic : I remember the time when everyone was here
[20:35:06 12/12/13] @ Sonic : All the time
[20:35:12 12/12/13] @ Sonic : We were all great friends
[20:35:39 12/12/13] @ Sonic : We used to talk here everyday..
[20:35:45 12/12/13] @ Sonic : What happened?
[20:35:59 12/12/13] @ Sonic : If anyone reads this in the archives..
[20:36:17 12/12/13] @ Sonic : I just want them to know I miss them
[20:36:34 12/12/13] @ Sonic : I doubt that anyone comes here at this point
[20:37:18 12/12/13] @ Sonic : But you guys are the best
[20:37:47 12/12/13] @ Sonic : You guys were everything to me
[20:37:52 12/12/13] @ Sonic : I miss you guys
[20:38:38 12/12/13] @ Sonic : I remember Halo eating things and people
[20:38:44 12/12/13] @ Sonic : Willow and her wand
[20:39:41 12/12/13] @ Sonic : Those weird all-nighters with Fear that only we will ever understand
[20:40:27 12/12/13] @ Sonic : Jagged,Ghosty,Opal, Frost, Tiffy everyone else
[20:40:31 12/12/13] @ Sonic : I miss all of you
[20:40:55 12/12/13] @ Sonic : I wish we all talked to eachother again..
[20:41:26 12/12/13] @ Sonic : I miss the times where we were all together in the chat joking and messing around and it was some of the best times I ever had
[20:42:49 12/12/13] @ Sonic : Why did it ever go away?
[20:43:02 12/12/13] @ Sonic : Please let those times come back
[00:44:50 01/01/14] @ Opal : Uh, hey chatbox.
[00:45:00 01/01/14] @ Opal : I know it's been a while.
[00:45:15 01/01/14] @ Opal : There isn't a day I don't think about NFS.
[00:45:27 01/01/14] @ Opal : Not a day I don't look back to when I was younger.
[00:45:37 01/01/14] @ Opal : And remember those memorable times.
[00:46:02 01/01/14] @ Opal : When I would always say I would get revenge.
[00:46:08 01/01/14] @ Opal : And all the fights.
[00:46:30 01/01/14] @ Opal : As horrid as it was, I really do miss those times.
[00:46:44 01/01/14] @ Opal : I remember when I was an outcast.
[00:46:46 01/01/14] @ Opal : Banned.
[00:46:52 01/01/14] @ Opal : Everyone hated me.
[00:47:02 01/01/14] @ Opal : All those times you caused my tears, NFS.
[00:47:09 01/01/14] @ Opal : But those were memories.
[00:47:15 01/01/14] @ Opal : And they were great memories.
[00:47:29 01/01/14] @ Opal : And I am proud to be an NFSian.
[00:47:47 01/01/14] @ Opal : A quality nobody at my school can take.
[00:48:00 01/01/14] @ Opal : A place I belonged.
[00:48:10 01/01/14] @ Opal : NFS, you will never be forgotten.
[00:48:21 01/01/14] @ Opal : Thanks for listening.
[00:50:42 02/01/14] @ Willow : Hey Chatbox
[00:50:54 02/01/14] @ Willow : Wow I'm almost in tears cause I just read the archives
[00:51:23 02/01/14] @ Willow : I didn't think anyone else would do something like this but i guess I'm not the only crazy one
[00:51:32 02/01/14] @ Willow : I do miss it too... I always will miss this
[00:52:06 02/01/14] @ Willow : I know I used to be a bit of a jerk and I'd make jokes only I thought was funny...
[00:52:19 02/01/14] @ Willow : I even miss the fights and those I hated so much
[00:52:30 02/01/14] @ Willow : I wish it could all go back to normal...
[00:52:49 02/01/14] @ Willow : I miss being me. I miss being Willow Tonitrus Lemaya
[00:52:59 02/01/14] @ Willow : Nobody understands her like NFS did...
[00:53:06 02/01/14] @ Willow : I love you Chatbox.
[00:53:07 02/01/14] @ Willow : Bye

You guys, not that I'll admit to every crying, made sweat come from my eyes ^.^ I still remember the day me and Willow got fed up and created this place and the days we would talk or rp till the wee hours of the mornings. Sonic, Fear, Opal, Jagged, Moony, Ghost, Darky, Tiffy, Sun, Light, Shadow, and everyone else who made this site the way it was even though feelings maybe a little on the sour side I still love you all and you all have touched me in a way that I will never forget. Don't worry I'm not going away anytime soon but I feel Like this post should always stay up and if we ever need and encouragement to come back just look at this and remember the memories. If you are new make new memories with us you can become part of our family. Memories sweet or hard we will stand through any trial because we are NIGHTS FINAL STAND! 
(Sorry I can't keep sappy for long as many of you know that but I think you understand the point i'm trying to get across... Love ya, 
~Halo [almost typed Haki and I kinda like that name hmmm maybe some changes are in store])

Guys i love you I_can_laugh____by_Re_thinkYourLife given to me by Willow it does remind me of me thank you sista I love you

Ya know, this post must be pretty awesome, cause the poster is insanely awesome... Therefore this post has the approval of Willow.
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Evil Creepy Child of NFS

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Guys i love you Empty
PostSubject: Re: Guys i love you   Guys i love you EmptyThu Jan 02, 2014 9:57 pm

Aw, we are all like a family around here it seems.

8.29.13 - Spot
10.29.15 - Princess Scott
4.4.16 - Serafina

This portion of the signature is a secret letter from Willow's heart,

Dearest Opal,
I love you. Here is where I want to make some joke but I don't have one deserving of you. I'm a very stupid person. Not that I'm not intelligent, I just tend to ignore that side of me. You however were one of my stupid choices in life and I don't regret it. I'm glad I am stupid because a smart person probably wouldn't have forgiven you like I have. When I am at my worst, you're there for me and I love you for that. I trust you. I trust you with my life, with NFS, and with every damn thing I have. You make me wanna swear, not cause I am angry, but because I am happy. Smile I will never be able to forget you.

From the bottom of my heart,

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Guys i love you
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