The Nights Final Stand
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The Nights Final Stand

Night Clan and Luna Clan must fight to survive against their enemies, Rogue Pack and Sun Pack. Whose side will you take?
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Countless moons have passed since the fall of the original Clans. Their stories were passed, from mother to son, father to daughter, preserved through words. A new generation, a new set of Clans, has risen from their ashes, only to find that the world under the Code is not all they believed it would be. DuskClan, StreamClan, BoulderClan and LightningClan are fighting to find the answer to the question- What makes a Warrior? This answer seems all the more fleeting in the light of a new discovery.  The Clans have neighbors to the East, a group that calls themselves the Kindred. With the introduction of a new way of life, will the Clans be able to preserve the rich history they hold so dear? Join them as they mark their place in the forest and set new legends to carry the spirit of the old.

friendly staff - liquid time - high ranks available
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